Rewarding Benefits of a Whole House Generator

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People who have whole house generators appreciate them every time their power grid loses power. This type of generator transforms a power outage from a big problem into something that is hardly noticeable.

How Does a Whole House Generator Work?

A whole house generator is permanently integrated with the power supply to your home. In the event your home loses power, the sensor on the generator detects the power loss and automatically turns on. This seamless activation is close to priceless if you have a family member who relies on electrical medical devices.

The generator uses gas as fuel and is connected to a natural gas or propane supply when it is installed.

Whole House Generator Benefits

1. No Exposure to Fuel Exhaust

2. No Interruption in Power

3. Increased Safety

4. No Food Spoilage

Safe and Convenient Backup Power

A whole house generator outperforms a portable generator by almost every measure. A whole house unit can run your entire household. In contrast, a portable one has limited abilities in this regard. To obtain a generator capable of powering your entire home, talk to Beck Cohen in Charlottesville about whole home generator installation.

Perhaps the best characteristics of a whole house model are reduced noise and better air quality. It runs quietly and does not expel harmful fumes that may creep into your home. Carbon monoxide exposure is a significant risk with a portable generator.

Complete Home Comfort Solutions

A comfortable and productive home relies on more than emergency backup power. Day in and day out, you need efficient heating and cooling. You also depend on your plumbing and electrical to engage in daily life. We have experienced HVAC technicians, plumbers, and electricians who can repair or enhance any of your major home systems. Contact Beck Cohen right away.