How Do I Know My HVAC Needs Electrical Repair?

November 20, 2018

The problem with today’s HVAC systems in homes, especially the modern complete models, is that the homeowner doesn’t really understand or see exactly how the components connect to each other. Where in older homes the furnace was centrally located, or the air conditioner was one unit separate from everything else, today’s system is integrated. Further, the controls of the system are managed via electrical connections and motherboards and temperature sensors. This combination makes a system vulnerable to electrical problems just as much as mechanical issues when something goes wrong, but the homeowner won’t readily be able to see the cause. Electrical Culprits are Hard to Find Let’s say the home heating stops responding in the middle of winter due to a motherboard issue. The real effect is that the home starts to get cold. But of the homeowner tries to kickstart the system by fiddling with the temperature level, nothing will happen. The system may be mechanically fine, the heater is on, and the blower is functional. However, the signal from the temperature sensor is not triggering the on function because the motherboard is failing to register the problem. The electrical problem stops the mechanical function of the heater. But...

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