4 Tips for Choosing a Furnace for Cold Climates

Furnace in Charlottesville, VA

It is not uncommon to deal with below freezing temperatures in the winter in Charlottesville. A furnace that can keep your home comfortable on the coldest days is vital. Here are some tips you can use to ensure that you pick the best furnace for your home.

Determine the Heating Load

Several factors contribute to your home’s heating load, including how big your home is, window quality, insulation levels and the local climate. BTUs are the measurement that tells you the heating capacity. A professional can come out and look at your home to determine the right heating capacity to ensure the right level of heating during the cold months.

Examine Variable-Speed Blowers

Furnaces with this type of blower keep your home more comfortable and work more efficiently. They are able to adjust their speed depending on how much heat your home needs. This helps keep your energy bills lower while making sure your home is heated to the level you set on your thermostat.

Consider a High AFUE Rating

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This rating tells you how much fuel turns into heat when you are running your furnace. Looking for a furnace with a 90% or higher AFUE rating can keep your utility bills more manageable during the winter due to maximum energy efficiency.

Modulating vs Two-Stage Furnace

There are different heating output levels with each type of furnace. During milder winter days, a two-stage furnace works at a lower capacity, and this will increase as the weather gets colder. The modulating type has varying heat output levels. They continuously modulate the intensity of the blower and flame, automatically adjusting their output for more precise heating.

Expert Furnace Installation in Charlottesville

The right furnace is important for keeping your Charlottesville home warm and comfortable all winter long. Once we help you with this, our team is available for many other services, such as cooling and duct sealing. Our professionals can also assist with your plumbing and generator needs.

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