What Should You Never Put Into a Garbage Disposal?

Your garbage disposal helps to prevent the pipes connected to your sink from clogging. The disposal’s purpose is to grate as many food remains as possible into tiny particles so that they can go down the drain easily. This includes solid food particles as well as liquids, such as grease. If you pour grease down the drain, for example, you are advised to douse it with cold water so that it hardens. Then, it can be shredded by the disposal.

While the disposal can pulverize just about anything, there are some items that should never be put in it. Here are a few.

1. Bones

Bones are pretty tough, which is why they should never be put into a garbage disposal. When you attempt to grind them, they will not break up into smaller pieces. Instead, they are going to spin around with the help of the blades. This is going to make loud sounds and force you to fish them out.

2. Celery

HVAC professionals recommend that you do not put celery down a garbage disposal. The fibrous strings of celery do not get grounded up. Instead, they can cause problems. Since they do not tear, they may get tangled on the disposal’s blades.

3. Hard Shells

You are advised to not put hard shells from seafood down the disposal. They are so hard that they will not get shredded by the blades. If it takes a hammer to break up crab shells, the blades of the disposal are simply no match. Eggshells down a disposal is another no-no.

4. Fruit Pits

Fruit pits are also tough. They are so dense that it takes a hammer to break them up into smaller pieces. Instead, throw the pits directly into your trash can, not down the sink.

5. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are described as deceptive and should not be poured down the sink because they can cause it to clog.

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