Steps to Prevent Outside Plumbing From Freezing

Frozen Pipe in Charlottesville, VA

A single outdoor frozen pipe can cause thousands of dollars of damage and repair costs to your Charlottesville home. Fortunately, by making minor changes, frozen pipes can be prevented.

When Are Frozen Pipes an Issue?

When the weather drops below 32°F, outdoor pipes are at risk of freezing. A pipe can freeze and not cause any problems. However, in many cases, expanding freezing water within a pipe causes the pipe to burst.

Preventing Outdoor Frozen Pipes

If you suspect your outdoor pipes have already frozen, our team at Beck Cohen can help. We diagnose frozen lines and thaw them using careful techniques while repairing burst pipes and leaks, keeping your home and your family safe.

One area that is susceptible to frozen water pipes is your garden hose spigot. The water inside the hose can freeze, extending into the supply line that travels into your home. This can lead to a pipe rupturing and a subsequent flood.

Removing the garden hose from the fixture, draining the line and wiping down the hose are great ways of minimizing the chances of a frozen accident. The water supply line for the outdoor faucet should be closed. These shut-off valves are typically found a few feet from the garden water spigot, in the basement or in a crawlspace. An insulated foam cover can prevent freezing.

It’s recommended that you get any exterior pipes that run through unheated areas, like supply lines in your attic, basement or crawl space, insulated by plumbing professionals. If the temperatures in Charlottesville are forecasted to dip below zero, open the faucet in your kitchen, laundry room or bathtub. Allowing a small amount of water to drip keeps water moving through your system and prevents frozen pipes.

Working with the Best HVAC Technicians in Charlottesville

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