Some Reasons Why Your Outlets Don’t Work

Outlets in Charlottesville, VA

Most individuals aren’t trained electricians, and it’s common for homeowners to be stumped when an outlet suddenly stops functioning. It’s an issue you’ll most likely have to deal with as a homeowner at some point. Below are some of the reasons why your outlets aren’t working.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers control the electrical current in each room in your house. The breaker will “trip,” or shut off, if too much current runs through the circuits, preventing the circuits from overheating and being damaged. Look at the circuit breaker box if you can’t get power to an outlet. The tripped breaker will be in the middle positio
n, between “on” and “off.” To turn anything on or off, flip the switch. If your damaged outlet can be fixed by resetting the circuit, do so.

Blown Overheated Fuse

A blown fuse in an electrical system that uses a fuse box may be the source of the issue. Look for burnt metal or discolored glass in the fuse box. Find the blown fuse, unscrew it, and swap it out for a new one of the same kind. If you’d prefer not to do this on your own, reach out to the professional electricians at Beck Cohen for assistance.

Disconnected or Loose Wires

This issue is when you may want to consider bringing in the pros. Your malfunctioning outlet can be the result of sloppy wiring. Before you begin inspecting your wiring, turn off the circuit breaker. Next, take the outlet apart by unscrewing its front plate. A small amount of wall space is needed to remove the outlet. Ensure that all of the outlet’s cables are in good working order. Reposition the wires and tighten the screws holding them in place if necessary.

If you don’t want to risk investigating a faulty electrical outlet on your own, it’s best to bring in a professional such as those found at Beck Cohen in Charlottesville. As a staff, we have years of expertise and training in assisting locals with complex electrical difficulties. We’re happy to provide a hand in making sure everyone in your home is safe from any electrical risks. We can also help with heating and cooling issues as well as plumbing problems. Call us today to set up service.