Slab Leak Repair in Crozet, VAIf you are needing a slab leak repair in Crozet, VA, Beck Cohen provides professional slab leak services. Slab leaks happen when the water lines running through your foundation or concrete floor leak. Since you might not have the means to repair these leaks, it’s best to depend on Beck Cohen for professional slab leak service.

Slab Leak Repair in Crozet

Are you wondering why your slab is leaking? Several things can cause these leaks, and it’s vital to understand the causes to prevent severe damage. Perhaps the leading cause of slab leaks is poor quality or incorrect pipe installations. If pipes get dents or bend during the installation process, the affected parts can ultimately cause leaks and potentially burst. You may need new pipes if you have an older home, but it’s best to hire a certified plumber to inspect and recommend an appropriate solution. Outside pressure is also a major cause of a slab leak.

Soil shifts under the foundation can cause a slight house movement, exerting pressure on pipes and causing a leak. Slab leaks resulting from outside pressure can be potentially damaging since they might cause flooding. Possible reasons for external pressure include soil erosion, an earthquake, or an underground stream. An older home is more prone to slab leaks than a newer one because of the galvanized steel or copper pipes underneath. Extended periods of pressure or stress can cause a slab leak. Pipes often rub against gravel and concrete in their course of use. The constant friction leads to wear and tear, exposing pipes to leaks.

Here are signs of a slab leak:
  • Low water pressure
  • Soggy spots
  • Extremely high water bills
  • Damp areas on floors and carpets
Slab Leak Repair in Crozet

Experienced Slab Leak Service Team

Beck Cohen is well-known for providing plumbing services throughout Crozet. We are among the oldest and most trusted company in the area. We understand that slab leaks can be destructive, so we provide fast repairs to prevent damage and flooding. Our team of plumbing experts are experienced and certified. You can rely on our expertise to inspect your slab for leaks and fix the issue. You can expect satisfaction guaranteed on our services, on-time appointment arrival, and reliable services.

Do you live near Starr Hill Brewery or Grace Estate Winery and struggle with a leaking slab? Beck Cohen is ready to provide slab leak service to save your foundation and concrete floor.

If you suspect a slab leak, call Beck Cohen for quick slab leak repair in Crozet, and prevent severe damage.