Should You Seal Your Ducts This Holiday Season?

Duct Sealing in Charlottesville, VA

Your home’s ductwork plays an essential role in the heating process. If your ducts are compromised, you could be struggling with excessive energy usage and lower indoor air quality. It’s never too late to professionally seal your ducts and restore your home’s vital comfort. Here’s why you should call for duct sealing services this holiday season.

Boosts Comfort

All of the warm air your furnace produces is pushed through the ductwork before being distributed in your home. When your ducts are leaking air, that costly warmth is being lost in your walls and other uninsulated areas. By sealing your ducts, you ensure your warm air is being directed into your living space. This keeps your family and holiday guests warm and comfortable.

Saves You Money

Leaky ducts are one of the leading reasons behind HVAC inefficiencies. The more air that’s being wasted, the longer your furnace has to run to heat the home. This increases overall wear and tear as your heating system works longer to reach your desired temperature. On top of high utility bills, you’ll also be faced with more frequent repairs. Limit energy wastefulness by sealing up your ductwork.

Protects Your Health

Tears and holes in your ductwork allow various allergens to enter your breathing air. Harmful chemicals, pests, and spores can all infect your home, lowering your air quality and comfort. Instead of spending your holiday sneezing and coughing, schedule a duct sealing as soon as possible to keep your home clean and healthy.

Quality Heating and Cooling Services

Beck Cohen is a premier indoor comfort company in Charlottesville, VA. Since we opened our doors in 1955, we’ve provided superior craftsmanship, products, and customer service. You can always rely on our NATE-certified technicians to make your home as comfortable and efficient as possible. We’re ready to service all your heating and cooling installation, repair, and maintenance needs. Our team can also test your indoor air quality, seal your ducts, and provide generator services. Schedule your appointment with Beck Cohen in Charlottesville today.