Reasons Why Rust Appears on a Furnace

Furnace Rust in Charlottesville, VA

Anything out of the ordinary could raise some alarms when dealing with furnaces and HVAC systems. The presence of rust, for example, isn’t something to ignore, as there may be a serious problem that requires attention. A “little rust” may indicate a potentially dangerous issue developing.

Gas Meets Metal

When hot gases cool, they turn into vapors. These vapors could cause corrosion on metal parts. The heat exchanger is one such part, and rust on this component could be dangerous. Cracks may develop, necessitating costly repairs. Worse, cracks and defects in a heat exchanger might result in deadly gases, such as carbon monoxide, flowing into the house.

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Water Hits the Metal Directly

Sometimes, it is more than vapors that cause the metal to rust. A leaky pipe or roof may result in water coming through the ceiling and hitting the furnace. Once the metal inside the furnace gets wet, the metal may rust.

Water could enter the system due to flooding. Burst pipes or floods from storms may result in a furnace taking on water and ending up condemned. If that happens, the homeowner would need a new furnace.

Moisture Builds Up

When moisture is present in a room, metal may rust. Moisture may come from many sources, including excess humidity. Moreover, there may be several reasons why a house suffers from excess humidity, including ones outside the homeowner’s control, such as the weather. “Minor” troubles, such as a leaky faucet, could result in excess moisture and resulting rust.

Regardless of why rust appears, taking action to deal with the problems seems advisable. Rust could lead to costly issues with a furnace.

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