Looking to Winterize Your Home? Look No Further

Depending on factors like size and model, HVAC systems typically cost between $5,000 and $10,000, usually lasting anywhere from 10 to 20 years. These heating, cooling and ventilation systems help you stay comfortable all year long. Although they’re designed to withstand heavy workloads, you should never forgo home and HVAC winterization.

Add Some Extra Insulation Around Your Home

Although you might not often see insulation, arguably the most well-hidden component of any home, the material is one of your home’s most important features. Typically sold in paper-backed rolls, insulation is wedged inside exterior-facing walls before closing them with drywall or wood paneling.

Tearing open your walls to add more insulation is, quite frankly, a waste of resources. However, adding insulation to areas that don’t require busting open walls is often a worthwhile endeavor.

Crawl space, basement, foundation, attic and duct insulation are five great places to start insulating. Rather than trying it alone, consider calling us, Beck Cohen, for home insulation solutions across the greater Charlottesville, VA, area.

Lower Your Water Temperature

The U.S. Department of Energy tells Americans to leave their water heaters at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, these appliances readily stifle the growth of bacteria, keeping American residences’ water supplies in shape.

However, the federal agency also tells Americans it’s okay to turn their water heaters down to 120 degrees. While you shouldn’t turn your water heater down below this level, a 120-degree water heater will cut your energy consumption while simultaneously keeping microorganisms at bay.

Do You Have HVAC Maintenance Scheduled?

HVAC unit model, climate and maintenance affect HVAC lifespan more than any other factors. Unless you move, managing the climate isn’t possible. While shopping for an HVAC unit is within your control, you’ll only make such buying decisions a handful of times in your entire lifetime.

The third lifespan-determining factor mentioned above, scheduling regular HVAC maintenance, is the most attainable means of extending your HVAC system’s life.

Don’t attempt HVAC maintenance on your own. Contact Beck Cohen in Charlottesville for high-quality, reliable and professional help with braving the winter this year. We offer heating, cooling, plumbing and indoor air quality services.