HVAC Maintenance Tips All Pet Owners Should Heed

A majority of American households host pets, the most common of which are dogs. While they might be man’s best friend, they certainly aren’t good for allergies, asthma or HVAC systems. Fortunately, however, with these expert tips, you can care for your home’s central heating and cooling system—and the people you live with—without kicking your furry friends to the curb.

Keep Urine Away From Your HVAC System

Even with proper training, pets are still liable to urinate on your house. Male dogs and cats, for example, mark their territory by spraying urine on objects. Your furry friends may very well urinate on your HVAC unit without you knowing it, causing parts to malfunction or even the entire system to fail. Erecting a fence or enclosure around the HVAC unit is recommended; be careful, however, not to block airflow to the unit, which can cause other problems.

Protect Wiring and Other Components From Damage

Many pet owners don’t like placing their pets in cages while they’re at work or otherwise away from home. Without supervision, pets are liable to damage your home’s HVAC unit, external wiring, air filters, thermostats and other important HVAC system components. While caging your pets is one option, a more humane avenue involves blocking pet access to areas of your home that contain heating, ventilation and air conditioning system components. You should also encase wiring in thick, sturdy conduit—strong rubber or plastic casing for wiring, in other words.

Clean More Frequently

Pet dander and hair are some of the most prevalent indoor air pollutants; of course, dander and hair also clog up filters, ducts and HVAC systems in general, causing poor performance, allergy flare-ups and lower system efficiency. Sweeping and mopping smooth floor surfaces, vacuuming carpets and dusting objects around the home reduces the likelihood of HVAC systems taking in these unwanted pollutants.

Here at Beckham and Jones Heating & Air Conditioning of Huntsville, Texas, we’re experts at maintaining HVAC systems. Dealing with pet-related issues, believe it or not, is one of the most common issues we encounter in the field. Contact us today and let us get your home’s HVAC system in order. We offer heating, cooling and indoor air quality services.