How Your HVAC Can Help With Pet Allergies

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The presence of an HVAC system is an essential aspect of a comfortable experience at home. Despite the overwhelming benefits offered by your heating and cooling system, it may indirectly cause pet dander to circulate and linger in your home. Pet dander has been known to instigate pet allergies, causing those who are susceptible to become ill. Luckily, you won’t have to put up with constant pet allergies just so you and your furry companion can live comfortably in your home. Keep reading to discover four different ways you can lessen pet allergies by utilizing HVAC systems and accessories.

1. Have a Dehumidifier Installed

A dehumidifier can help mitigate pet odors that become intensified from high humidity levels in the home. By reducing the overall humidity, dehumidifiers lessen the growth of bacteria caused by a muggy, humid environment interacting with pet dander. Additionally, some dehumidifiers can be affixed with filters designed to catch and therefore decrease the amount of pet hair present in your home.

2. Germicidal Lights Could Be the Answer

Germicidal lights can kill bacteria caused by pet dander. This occurs because UV lights are able to disturb the bacteria’s DNA, therefore neutralizing its ability to trigger pet allergies. If you choose to have germicidal lights installed, they’ll be placed within ductwork or an air handler located in your HVAC system.

3. Try Out Our Air Purifiers and Filters

Air purifiers help remove bacteria, odors, pet dander, and other pollutants from the air so that you can breathe easier. They work by pushing polluted air through a filter. The filter can catch particulates as small as 0.3 microns depending on the purifier. Beck Cohen can install top-of-the-line air purifiers, such as the Lennox PureAir, which can eliminate 95% of pet dander and other pollutants degrading your air quality.

4. Replace Your Old Air Filters

Your HVAC air filters can begin collecting contaminants over time and will need to be replaced to ensure that allergy-causing particles don’t get recirculated into the air. Generally, filters can last around three months before needing to be changed. You can avoid more allergic reactions to pet dander by replacing your old filters with our new, specialty air filters.

In Charlottesville, CA, our expert technicians at Beck Cohen are here to help you improve the air quality in your home. We combat pet allergens by conducting an in-home air quality test and by providing effective solutions. We also provide professional HVAC repairs, installations, and maintenance, as well as generator installation, duct sealing, plumbing services, and more. Don’t let pet allergies get in your way; book your appointment today.