How Do Ductless Air Conditioners Work?

How Do Ductless Air Conditioners Work?

There are many reasons why you would want to check out ductless air conditioners. Some homes can’t fit ductwork into them, while other homes with central cooling have an additional room or an outbuilding that the ducts don’t reach. Whether you need one room or several cooled, you can hardly go wrong with ductless ACs (also known as mini-splits).

How a Heat Pump Operates

The first thing to know about mini-splits is that they’re basically heat pumps without the ductwork. They’re composed of the same two indispensable units: an outdoor compressor and the indoor air handler, with a refrigerant line to connect them. The refrigerant courses back and forth, absorbing heat from inside and releasing it outside (and vice versa when in heating mode).

What Makes Mini-Splits Different

The air handler for a ducted heat pump usually goes in the attic or the basement, but mini-splits are mounted on the wall of the room they’re supposed to cool. Installation is very easy; all you need is a three-inch hole drilled into the wall for the refrigerant line to pass through. The distance between the air handler and compressor can be as much as 50 feet, so there’s no need to put the compressor in a highly visible area.

Energy Savings and Great Flexibility

At Beck Cohen, we’re happy to help customers in Charlottesville, VA, save money through mini-splits. Because the cool air transferred through these systems never gets lost through ductwork, you experience more consistent indoor comfort for a lower price. A thermostat accompanies each mini-split, allowing for differences between occupants when it comes to the ideal temperature. Mini-splits have a sleek, compact design, too, and won’t look out of place in your rooms.

Established in 1955, Beck Cohen is the company to trust for mini-split installation as well as central heating and AC work. In addition, our team is adept and electrical, plumbing, and indoor air quality work; let us help you select a quality generator, humidifier, and water heater, among other products. Call today and we’ll answer any questions you have!