How Can Air Quality Affect Your Mental Health?

The air in your home can have a significant impact on your ability to sleep, concentrate, or otherwise live a normal life. Let’s take a look at how poor air quality can lead to problems at work, school, or in your personal life.

It Can Be Difficult to Sleep With a Stuffy Nose

If your nose is clogged, you may spend half of the night rolling from one side to the other trying to find relief. It may also be hard to sleep when your eyes won’t stop itching or you can’t stop sneezing. When you don’t get adequate rest, you may be more vulnerable to changes in mood that can lead to anxiety and depression. Not enough rest can also be responsible for lowering your immunity to illnesses as simple as a cold.

Mold Toxicity Can Lead to Cognitive Issues

Exposure to mold can cause a variety of symptoms including depression, insomnia, and attention issues. These and other symptoms occur as the result of toxins entering the body and accumulating over periods of weeks, months, or years. Those who believe that mold is causing problems with their mental health may want to have a professional from Beck Cohen in Charlottesville, VA, perform an indoor air quality check.

Some Substances Are More Dangerous Than Others

Research has suggested that there is a link between exposure to carbon particles and mental health problems. Over time, exposure to carbon particles can lead to physical changes to the parts of the brain that regulate your emotions. Those who are exposed to smoke and other fine particles on a regular basis can also be susceptible to mental health issues. This is because those particles can get into your lungs and spread quickly throughout the rest of your body.

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