Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protocol

We have all received way too many of these letters in recent days.

So first, we want to say thanks. Thanks for trusting us to keep you and your families safe and comfortable in your homes and workplaces. Thanks for continuing to support local businesses like ours so that our employees and their families can continue to thrive. To that end, we are taking the following actions to ensure the safety of our employees as well as your safety and comfort.

COVID-19 Protocol - Beck Cohen HVAC Services

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protocol

Following the current guidance from health authorities, we at Beck Cohen are taking steps to protect our employees, our customers and our community:

In the field:

  • Technicians are wearing fresh disposable gloves at every job and wearing ventilators as needed or at your request.
  • Trucks are stocked with disinfectant cleaning supplies to be used wherever technicians are touching surfaces in your home or workplace. Each call will end with technicians wiping down everything in your home which they have touched. Keep in mind that most of our work will be out of your living space and we will attempt to minimize the amount of time we spend with you.
  • Washing hands before and after each service call.
  • Technicians are avoiding close contact with customers, co-workers, and anyone else on any job site.
  • Contact is being minimized. Technicians will not be the office, shop or supply house unless absolutely necessary. Restocking and parts delivery will be made without direct contact with anyone else and all packages and parts are being disinfected upon receipt.
  • We are limiting our communication to phone and electronics as much as possible to maintain social distancing. All in-person meetings and trainings are canceled until further notice.
  • Trucks and tools are wiped down and cleaned every day.

In the office:

  • Employees who can are encouraged to work from home and arrangements are being made to increase the number who can do that.
  • All surfaces are being cleaned with disinfectant daily.
  • Frequent hand washing throughout the day.
  • Vendor and salesperson visits and any non-essential visits to our facility are being minimized.

All employees are staying at home in case of any sickness or potential sickness they feel (individually or in their homes).

We are here to serve you through this difficult time and throughout the year. We are happy to make accommodations to make you comfortable and/or to reschedule should you feel the need. Please just let us know. If you have any questions about our protocols or anything else, please contact us at 434-296-0129, or [email protected].

We wish you the best in the coming weeks. We thank you for your continued support and we thank everyone who is working to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Now go wash your hands. Again.

(For the record, the picture at the top is from October of last year at our Feel The Love event benefiting AHIP – we have been practicing good social distancing, I promise)


Matt Wilkinson
President, Beck Cohen