Can Too Much Rain Cause Plumbing Problems?

Pipe Leak

Several traditional factors may contribute to problem problems, such as clogs, leaks, and corrosion. Does rain factor into any of these issues? Light rainfall won’t likely create many concerns, but heavy rain may bring with it equally substantial problems for a home’s plumbing system.

Overflows Become Possible

A local region’s sewer system might only hold so much. Massive amounts of water might flow into the sewer lines; then, the excess may find its way into a home. A basement’s drains, for example, might experience overflows and flooding.

Rain Gets Overflow “Help”

When rain lands on the ground, the water it sends to the sewers and drains might not travel alone. Leaves, twigs, trash, and other debris might follow. If the waste finds its way into pipes, clogs could follow. Water levels might drop, but the debris could remain. The clogs may stay until a plumber clears things.

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Sump Pump Assistance

A sump pump works to get rid of excess water. If the sump pump fails, then correcting the problem may require repairs. Maybe the home needs a new sump pump. When the house doesn’t have one, installing the helpful device seems prudent. Hopefully, a working pump ends up in place before heavy rains and flooding occur.

Issues With Cracked Pipes

Be on the lookout for discolored water, as the change may indicate a cracked pipe. Excess water could create pressure on the pipes, which might become so severe that the pipes could outright crack. Once this occurs, impurities may find their way into the water. The damage caused by breaking and shifting might be severe but unavoidable when rain and water levels reach a certain point.

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