Can Chemical Drain Cleaners Damage Your Plumbing?

If you’re without the convenience of garbage disposal, or if several long-haired ladies live in your home, you know the pain of clogged drains. And chances are you’ve turned to the occasional drain cleaner to clear a blockage or two. But might you be harming your plumbing when you use chemical drain cleaners? Despite their convenience, these types of cleaners abuse your plumbing, and with repeated use, can even cause irreparable damage.

Chemical Cleaners Burn Away Clogs

One of the primary mechanisms of action behind each chemical drain cleaner’s amazing clog-busting ability is heat. As chemicals within the formula react with one another and with water in your pipes, they generate substantial heat. In fact, before your clog dissolves completely, the temperature within your pipes will reach the boiling level.

Excessive heat can damage the adhesive which holds PVC pipes together, potentially creating damaging leaks. In some cases, the heat generated by chemical cleaners can even cause pipes to warp when the solution remains stationary for extended periods. Rather than risk damage, call Beck Cohen in Charlottesville to remove the blockage safely.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Corrosive

Chemical drain cleaners are not smart; they cannot tell the difference between the materials that clog your drain and those that compose your pipes. Essentially, they eat away at everything they come into contact with. If for some reason, a chemical cleaner does not clear the offending blockage, the chemical solution will remain in your pipes for hours, slowly degrading your plumbing.

Older pipes are very vulnerable when forced into contact with chemical drain cleaners, often experiencing rapid degradation. Similarly, PVC pipes can warp or melt with repeated exposure. If you know your plumbing is due for an update, it’s critical that you avoid using such cleaners as you may end up with an emergency plumbing repair.

Turn to Beck Cohen for Help

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