3 Tips to Avoid Costly Winter Plumbing Leaks

Winter plumbing leaks can wreak havoc on your Charlottesville home. Not only can a leak damage drywall, paint, and furniture, but unaddressed problems can lead to hazardous mold spreading throughout your house or apartment. The best way to avoid leaks during the wintertime, or any time of year, is to take preventative action, including making sure that your heater is working properly.

1. Wrap Uninsulated Pipes

Burst pipes are a real threat in areas where freezing temperatures occur. The damage caused by this sort of plumbing emergency can make your residence unlivable, particularly if you’re not at home when it happens and can’t immediately call a plumber to address the situation.

There are several ways to protect your pipes during the colder months:

  • Keep the heat on, even if you’re going to be away
  • Wrap uninsulated pipes in foam covers
  • Insulate closed crawlspace vents to protect against cold air

Beck Cohen provides 24/7 emergency service in the Charlottesville area. If your furnace stops working, call us. We can help to prevent water damage due to frozen pipes.

2. Shut Down Outdoor Valves and Put Away Hoses

As the seasons change, take time to disconnect and put away your garden hose while also addressing indoor valves that connect to outdoor faucets. Close the valves and drain to prevent water from freezing within the lines during the winter.

3. Inspect Your Sump Pump

While many people think of winter as being a time for snow, the truth is that in many places, winter can be a time for very cold weather and nasty rain. In addition, temperature variations can cause snow to melt, which could lead to basement flooding. To avoid damaging floods, clear the sump pump pit and inspect the unit to ensure that it remains in good condition throughout the winter season.

If you’re concerned about keeping your family (and pipes) warm this winter, consider getting some help from trusted HVAC professionals. Call Beck Cohen today to arrange for an inspection or repairs. Our team can also help you with AC repair, installation, and maintenance, electrical and plumbing work, and duct sealing.