What Areas in Your Home Need More Ventilation?

When hot or humid air is allowed to linger in a home, it can make for an uncomfortable living space. Excess moisture can result in mold, damage to walls and other problems that can be costly to repair. Therefore, it is important to know which spaces in your home may need to receive more ventilation than others.

Ventilate Any Space Where Heat or Moisture Are Created

The kitchen should have extra ventilation since you will use hot water to cook food or clean dishes. A bathroom is another good place to add an extra vent or a ceiling fan. This is because the act of taking a shower or bath can make the space extremely warm and humid. The folks at Beck Cohen in Charlottesville can do an indoor air quality assessment to help you better understand why extra ventilation can be helpful in these rooms.

Add Ventilation to Garages

When the garage door is closed, it can be difficult for air to circulate within the space. This can be problematic during the summer months as moisture could eat away at insulation or cause damage to the door itself. When a garage is warm or humid, it may make the rest of the house warmer and less comfortable to spend time in as well. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, reach out to Beck Cohen about our duct sealing services.

Add Ventilation in a Home Office

Home offices should have extra ventilation as computers or other electronic devices can create a lot of heat. Furthermore, it is important that you aren’t too hot to focus on a blog post or an email to a client. Your clients will also appreciate that a meeting area isn’t too hot or humid as it can be hard to focus on an uncomfortable room.

If you think that your home could be more efficient, give us a call at Beck Cohen right now. We can seal your home’s ducts, inspect an air conditioner, or take a variety of other steps to help meet your needs as a homeowner. Our crew provides a variety of heating and cooling services.