Are There Benefits to Whole-House Surge Protection?

If you have expensive electrical equipment in your home, it can easily be damaged during a storm. A simple way to ensure your appliances don’t get fried during a thunderstorm is to simply unplug them. However, what happens if you are not at home and a storm hits your area? This is where whole-house surge protection comes in. Whole-house surge protection is designed to protect your equipment from both large and small surges. Here are some benefits to having this kind of protection in your Charlottesville residence.

Protects Against Lightning and Thunderstorm Damage

Having a hurricane or powerful thunderstorm in your area can be frightening, not just for your pets or the trees on your property but for your electrical equipment, too. Lightning can destroy anything that is plugged into your outlets, such as your computers, your laptop, your charging phone, and more. If you live in an area that gets plenty of storms, you will want to invest in whole-house surge protection.

Protects Against Small Internal Power Surges

Often, the power surges in your house will be small and a result of internal appliances, such as your air conditioner. Although these kinds of surges will not fry your electronic equipment, they can shorten their lifespan. Having whole-house surge protection prevents this kind of slow degradation of your equipment.

Protects Every Outlet in the Home

When you have whole-house surge protection installed in your residence, every single outlet is protected. When a surge flows through any outlet, it is sent back through the breaker panel, and the surge is then shunted. So, whenever you use an outlet in your property, all of your equipment and appliances are completely protected, from a hairdryer to an iPad.

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