5 HVAC Noises You Never Want to Hear

All home heating and cooling equipment make sounds. However, those noises, whether they’re at the startup or during operation, should be consistent. There are certain sounds that you never want to hear because they are a clear indication that something is wrong.

1. Screeching

In our experience as a local heating and cooling company, screeching and squealing are among the most common bad HVAC sounds. At best, it probably indicates a worn belt, which is a relatively inexpensive repair. It can also indicate bad bearings in the motor.

2. Banging

Banging, clanking, or thumping often indicates a problem with the motor itself or the blower assembly. If the banging is particularly loud, you should turn off the system immediately and contact a professional. Procrastinating can lead to a broken part and even damage to other parts.

3. Clicking

While clicking when an HVAC unit turns on or off is normal, repeated clicking is not. If the repeated clicking is happening at a control panel or coming from an outside unit, then this is usually a good indication of a defective relay or other electronic component causing that relay to time out.

4. Rattling

Rattling is almost always an indication of loose hardware. It can be particularly worrisome when coming from the outside unit. All rattling should be attended to by a pro as soon as possible, but the loudness is an indication of how serious the problem is.

5. Thwapping

A “thwapping” sound can occur when there is a fan obstruction, such as something impeding the blower blades. Imagine a playing card held in a fan. If you hear something like that, then know that there is excessive wear being put on the motor.

Be Proactive About HVAC Repair

If you’ve heard any of these sounds or other unusual noises, then your best course of action is to schedule a professional inspection. At Beck Cohen, we’ve been serving Charlottesville homeowners since 1955 and would love to help with any of your heating or cooling concerns. Contact us today.