3 Ways to Be More Energy-Efficient

Your heating and cooling system plays a big role in keeping your home comfortable during rough weather, but it also consumes a large amount of energy for its efforts. By taking a few simple steps to make your HVAC’s workload lighter, you can save both energy and money. Take a look at these simple tricks that our experts here at Beck Cohen recommend for making your home more energy-efficient.

1. Seal Your Home’s Air Ducts

Leaky air ducts are a major culprit behind home energy inefficiency. According to ENERGY STAR, leaky ductwork can lose as much as 30% of the air it transports, meaning your HVAC system has to work harder to make up for that loss. The harder your system works, the higher your bill is at the end of the month. Give us a call, and we’ll do a thorough inspection and patch up any leaks or holes we find.

2. Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Most homeowners don’t need to have their AC’s or heaters running full blast all day long, especially during the day when your house is empty. Programmable thermostats allow you to set certain temperatures in your home for specific times of the day. By adjusting your thermostat by a few degrees during the day, you’ll save both money and energy.

3. Schedule Routine Maintenance

For maximum energy efficiency, HVAC systems need to be operating at peak performance. Heaters and air conditioners go through a ton of wear and tear that will eventually have a negative impact on your home’s energy efficiency. Fortunately, a routine inspection and tune-up can bring your unit back to the top of its game.

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