3 Tips for Holiday Lights and Electrical Safety

This holiday season, thousands of holiday enthusiasts will be expected to use the Christmas tree to decorate their homes in preparation for Christmas and the New Year. The desire to have fun at home will most probably throw of most of us in trouble, especially as far as electrical safety is concerned. The temptation to play around with some DIY holiday decoration techniques at home should, however, not have you compromise on your personal and home safety. Here are three important tips for lighting and electrical safety to consider this holiday season.

1. Consider Buying a Fire-Resistant Tree

There are high chances that you will purchase a Christmas tree to decorate your home. When shopping for a Christmas tree for your house, you should pay attention to the kind of tree you go for. The primary threat to consider is the risk of the tree catching fire at home. It is, therefore, highly recommendable to consider purchasing a tree that is labeled as fire-retardant as that will help make your home much safer.

2. Avoid DIY Contraptions

As we approach the Christmas season, the temptation to consider renovating your Christmas tree to suit your needs will be particularly high. One thing that you probably don’t know is that such DIY contraptions expose you and your family to unnecessary high risk. The secondary connections that you make to your Christmas tree lights may exceed the manufacturer’s power rating of the tree itself. The risk, in this case, is not worth it.

3. Follow the Electrical Recommendation

Every electrical lighting item that you will purchase to decorate your home this holiday season will most probably come with accompanying documentation. A rule of thumb to enhance your personal safety is ensuring that the lights are used as documented and recommended. You should check the electrical power rating of the Christmas lights and ensure that they are connected as recommended.

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