Leak Detection in Glenmore, VAWith timely leak detection in Glenmore, VA you can avert the negative impact and costly damages associated with leaks. According to research, water leaks in the Unites States cost homeowners approximately a hundred dollars yearly. Read on to understand the benefits of having a water leak detector installed on your property.

Benefits of Water Leak Detectors

Your home is the place where you come to wind down after a tiresome day at work. It’s also where you keep most of your valuable and sentimental possessions. As such, you want to protect your home at all costs.

When extensive water leaks occur in your house, they put everything you care about in danger. Fortunately, by installing a water leak detector, you’ll be able to know when small leaks or frozen pipes arise before the problem becomes more extensive. Just like the saying goes, prevention is better than the cure. That means you’ll have enough time to call a plumber to address the issue before major damages occur.

Since some of these detectors are connected to your home Wi-Fi, you can rest assured that you have the capability to address any leaks in your house whether you’re at work or on vacation. If you have home insurance, you may be wondering why you should spend money on a leak detector if any possible damage will be covered. Did you know that your insurance premiums may fall if you install a leak detector? That’s because the company is aware that you’re doing anything you possibly can to prevent damages caused by water leaks. The good news is that these devices are inexpensive and will serve you for an extended period of time.

Benefits of Water Leak DetectorsWe all want our plumbing systems to last forever. Although that’s not possible, a leak detector can aid in extending your system’s lifespan. Since you’ll be able to detect small leaks and address them right away, you’ll lower the chances of pipe bursts that would initially demand pipe replacement.

Some areas in your house you should consider installing a water leak detector include:
  • Near your water heater
  • Behind you washing machine and toilet
  • Underneath a dishwasher
  • Below your hot tub

Leak Detection Services in Glenmore

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of having this device in your home, you’re probably wondering how you can get one installed. At Beck Cohen, we’re fully equipped to handle water leak detector installation. Our plumbers have been providing dependable plumbing services in the Glenmore area since 1955. Over the years, our services have earned us five-star reviews on Angi. As such, you can be sure we’ll only suggest the safest and most cost-effective solutions to your problem.

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