The indoor air quality (IAQ) of the houses of Keswick, VA needs to be high since their occupants spend so much time indoors. It is the job of our HVAC professionals at Beck Cohen to make sure that this happens and to eradicate indoor air pollution. These pollutants can make indoor life uncomfortable and even unhealthy. Temperature and humidity also contribute to the quality of indoor air. Places that are too hot or too cold are not only uncomfortable but can also be detrimental to physical well-being. Air that is too dry causes furniture frames to crack, wooden floors to creak, and hair, skin and mucous membranes to dry out. High humidity makes everything feel clammy and encourages the growth of mold.

Indoor Air Quality in Keswick

Our HVAC technicians are knowledgeable in all the ways to improve the quality of your indoor air. Some of these are as simple as occasionally opening a door or a window.

Other ways to reduce or eliminate indoor air pollution include various devices:
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • UV air purifiers
  • Air filtration systems

Having your HVAC system maintained on a regular schedule, ideally just before the heating season and then just before the cooling season, also does much to improve the IAQ of your home. Maintenance cleans dirt and debris out of your system, in turn, cleaning the air circulating through your home.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that the humidity level of the air in a home be between 30% and 50%. Humidifiers add humidity to air that is too dry. Dry air is often experienced in the winter because cold air doesn’t hold as much moisture as warm air. Humidifiers can be portable or they can serve the whole house. Dehumidifiers, as the name implies, do the opposite. They take humidity out of air that’s too damp. Both of these appliances help control your humidity in that sweet spot that keeps a home comfortable.

Indoor Air Quality in Keswick

Air filters may seem like humble items, but it’s hard to overstate their usefulness. HEPA and ULPA air filters can take something like 99.99% of pollutants out of the air. Most homes don’t need filters that are so thorough. A filter with a minimum efficiency reporting value of around 13 is good enough for most homes. HEPA filters’ MERV ratings can be as high as 20.

Removing Indoor Air Pollution

Good indoor air quality is imperative for residents of Keswick. Our HVAC technicians at Beck Cohen have happily served this area since 1955. Customers value us for our skills, courtesy, punctuality, and reliability when it comes to HVAC service, including improving the quality of their indoor air.

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