Homeowners who want reliable indoor temperatures turn to Beck Cohen for HVAC maintenance in Waynesboro, VA. Making sure your HVAC system operates optimally can eliminate worry about equipment failures. Cleaning and calibrating your unit ensures the dirt and debris are gone, and your equipment is always ready to use.

Plus, scheduling seasonal services every spring and fall can lower repair costs in the long run. It also increases the useful life of your system. We offer heating and AC maintenance for all major HVAC brands and models.

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Expert HVAC Maintenance in Waynesboro

The perks of a bi-annual HVAC tune-up include safer operation and fewer repairs and repair costs. First, our skilled tune-up team will inspect your system for any visually noticeable problems. They’ll clean away debris buildup on your equipment so it can’t interfere with how the components operate. Next, your HVAC technician calibrates and re-aligns the system. During this process, they can spot worn parts, leaks, and other issues that require repair. You’ll get information about necessary repairs when you receive your final service report.

Before completing your maintenance visit, your team will conduct a safety test. They’ll check all connections and wiring for condition and solid attachment. The thermostat is also tested to make sure your HVAC system responds correctly to temperature settings. Services scheduled in late spring provide AC maintenance designed to support summer HVAC use. Testing for proper cooling is the goal for your maintenance team, so they’ll verify refrigerant levels and proper filter installation.

Seasonal maintenance services provide many benefits for your home and finances.
  • Extends equipment lifespan
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Increases effective airflow
  • Provides better temperature control
  • Reduces failures and emergency repairs

If you’ve noticed problems with the way your HVAC runs, let your technician know. A trained technician can often resolve annoying issues by simply calibrating and cleaning your equipment. These problems might include rattling during operation or slow airflow. Telling them what you’re experiencing can alert them so they can take a deeper look. If they can’t resolve it with a tune-up, they’ll note it on your service report. You’re always in control of when and if you want to make a repair.

Qualified AC Maintenance Service Company

Beck Cohen hires NATE-certified technicians to work for you. We continually train our technicians so you can rely on us for the latest technologies. Locals turn to us for exceptional service and reliable industry information.

We’re your community’s authorized Lennox Premier Dealer. We provide top-quality products made by leading manufacturers, including Lennox, Mitsubishi, and Generac.

HVAC Maintenance

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Not looking for maintenance services? We also offer expert AC repair, furnace repair, cooling installation, and heating replacement services.