Install this energy-efficient ductless air conditioning in Waynesboro, VA, this summer to experience comfort like never before. Also called ductless mini-split, they are compact, operate silently, and are perfect for spaces without existing ductwork.

At Beck Cohen, we’ve been in the home heating and cooling business for almost 70 years, yet we stand ready to install the latest technology in the industry.

Ductless minisplit
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Ductless Air Conditioning in Waynesboro

A ductless mini-split may be the solution if you’re building a home or need to add air conditioning to a space without ductwork. It’s also ideal for home additions, outbuildings, or converted spaces like a garage or attic.

If you’ve put off getting a central forced-air system because of the anticipated hassle and mess of installing ductwork, then a mini-split is for you. A mini-split has a single outdoor condenser and one or more indoor air handlers. We only need a 3-inch hole to connect the refrigerant from the air handler to the outdoor unit.

You can connect up to eight air handlers to a single condenser, each with its thermostat. Your family members can set the temperature to their preference without disturbing others. It also lets you shut the AC off in areas that aren’t used, saving you money on utility bills.

Here are some of the benefits of a ductless mini-split:
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy installation
Ductless air conditioning has many advantages over window and portable air conditioners. Those temporary units are loud and can’t improve indoor air quality. They detract considerably from your home’s aesthetics and block your view.

A ductless system works whisper-quiet. It features a variable-speed fan that runs continuously, usually at a low speed. The constant exchange of air helps improve air quality.

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Mini-splits have a multi-stage filtration system with a HEPA filter to remove over 99% of airborne particles like pet dander, mold, and bacteria.

The indoor units of a ductless system are small and easily blend in with your home decor. We can install them high on a wall, on the ceiling, or as a floor unit. They keep you cool and comfortable without taking up window space.

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Reliable Ductless Mini-Split Service

Since 1955, we’ve provided customer-focused HVAC services to the region, ensuring satisfaction with every installation and repair. Our commitment extends to keeping our NATE-certified technicians up to date with annual in-house training sessions.

Additionally, we foster the development of future talent through our internship program, investing in the growth of the next generation of HVAC professionals.

If you live in Waynesboro and are ready to take advantage of ductless air conditioning technology, call us at Beck Cohen.

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